The Benefits of Having a Memorial Service for Your Pet

All over the world, pet funerals are on the rise. That’s because more funeral homes are realizing how integral our pets are to our lives and are offering pet memorial services.

Having a memorial service for your beloved pet is a healing experience for your family. Below we are sharing some of the many benefits of having a funeral for your pet.


It Provides a Sense of Closure

Unfortunately, when our pets pass away, it’s usually a sudden death we weren’t prepared for. Their health rapidly declines, and we have to make the difficult choice of putting them down. This makes it hard to grasp the reality of their death and move forward.

That’s why having a memorial service for your pet is so healing. It gives your family a sense of closure since you all get to acknowledge your loss and reflect on the life of your pet.


You Get a Chance to Honor Their Life

Your pet was there for all the moments in your life, good or bad. They loved you unconditionally with no judgment. What better way to honor their life than to set aside a special time to reflect on them?

During your pet’s memorial service, have everyone share their favorite memories with your pet. You could even make a Tribute Video to share all the pictures and video clips you have of them. Though these memories will bring tears to your eyes, there will be plenty of laughter too.


It’s a Way for Your Family to Connect

As our pets get older, we do too. Maybe your pet has been with you since your children were young, and now they are adults out of the house. When your pet passes, your family may be dispersed, and each family member may feel a sense of loneliness from the loss. A memorial service gives you all the chance to gather in one place and grieve your loss together.


It Validates Your Feelings of Grief

Many pet owners experience disenfranchised grief when their pet passes because no one truly understands how special their pet was to them. The staff at funeral homes that offer pet funeral services are there to hear about your loss and help you through your grieving process. They understand how important it is to honor your pet in order to move forward and will do whatever they can to make your pet’s memorial service special.

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