Obituaries: Telling A Life Story

Death isn’t predictable. And our obituaries shouldn’t be either.

Obituaries are a final chance to share your life story with the world. It’s an opportunity to share who you were and what mattered to you, rather than just posting details about the service.

This also allows family members to grieve and peace of mind knowing their loved one is remembered and honored in a meaningful obituary. Whether you want to write your own obituary, like Carrie Fisher, or have a family member write it, you can share your unique life story.

Personality-Showing Obituaries

Obituaries can let your loved one’s true personality shine. This is the case for Kay Ann Heggestad’s obituary. She was from Madison, Wisconsin, and passed away at age 72 on January 13 from bone marrow cancer.

Her sense of humor is weaved within her obituary, which she wrote herself, and shows she didn’t let cancer destroy who she was.

Some humorous excerpts from her obituary are:

“No one should say she fought a courageous battle, because she did not! Unlike most folks, she complained all the way. What a whiner!”

“Many said she did not look THAT OLD and no, she did NOT dye her hair when she had some, except for occasional highlights. You can ask Jodi, her hairdresser.”

Her family also added an additional obituary because they felt she left out important parts of her life:

“Kay Ann Heggestad was a wonderful wife, a superb mother, a one-of-a-kind, amazing family doctor, and, truly, a world changer.”

If her obituary simply stated the service details and surviving family, everyone would have missed out on seeing how amazing of a person she was.

Comical Obituaries

If your loved one was a comic, why not add some humor to the obituary? Funny obituaries show the deceased’s humorous personality and remind family and friends of fun memories with the deceased. Some people have famous last words that could be included in the obituary.

Check out these funny obituaries for some more inspiration.

Inspirational Obituaries

Obituaries can spread awareness about social issues and addictions, such as drugs or alcohol. The deceased can have a final word on issues facing the world, or family members can share their loved one’s story to inform others of addiction dangers.


by Jenny Goldade | Jan 19, 2017

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