Kid-Friendly Projects to Memorialize a Loved One

When children experience the loss of a loved one, they will experience a mix of emotions. Death is a new concept to them that they may not fully understand. That’s why it’s important to give them an outlet to express themselves and what they’re feeling.

Art is a great way for children to communicate their grief and reflect on their loved one. Having a creative outlet gives them a break from anxiety and stress and lets them express what they can’t put into words.

That’s why we’re sharing some kid-friendly projects to memorialize a loved one below. These projects will let them get creative while thinking about and honoring their loved one.

Memory Jar

For this project, all you need to do is find a jar, decorate it, and fill it with memories of your loved one. This is a great project for you and your child to do together. As you think of more memories, continue to add them to the jar. Every year or so, take the time to sit down and go over each memory.

Memory Collage

For this project, you will need magazines, old family photos (ideally copies since they will be cut up), tape or glue, a poster board, and anything else you want to use for decoration. Have your child reflect on who your loved one was to them and cut out things in the magazines that represent your loved one. Then, they can also incorporate special family photos and other decorations within the collage. This is a project where your child’s creativity can run wild.

Painted Stones

Collect some stones from a spot that was special to your loved one. Then, grab some paint and brushes and have your child decorate them in honor of your loved one. They could paint the stone your loved one’s favorite color or include a quote your loved one liked.

Once the stones are done, you could leave them at your loved one’s grave or where their ashes were scattered. Of course, make sure you’re allowed to leave the stones first.

Tissue Flowers

This project is ideal for your child to do before the funeral since they could bring the tissue flowers to the funeral service. Since tissue paper comes in all sorts of colors, they can create any kind of flower they want! You could show them our flower guide to help them decide which flowers to make. Check out these instructions to get started.

Which art projects does your child enjoy? Share by commenting below!


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