Facing the Truth

Black Lives Matter by Orna W

To my community,

These past week’s events have deeply saddened me and my family. As an African-American mother, wife, daughter and sister, I have been troubled in my spirit by the murder of Mr. George Floyd, and the countless other African-Americans who have died mercilessly at the hands of inept police officers. My parents taught me and my siblings the truth about racism and modeled for us the power of collective movements through protests, economics and politics.


It has seemed though that for years the voices of those protesting against police brutality has fallen on deaf ears, until now. We are seeing a new movement of young people, old people, black people, white people, women, men and children rise up against what our community has known too well for far too long. It will take everyone to root out the evil of racism that pervades our justice, education, and economic systems that have hindered true freedom and liberty for all.


So during this time of mourning and protest, I encourage you to remain the proud community that we are. To hold true to our values of respect, integrity and honor in the fight to uproot injustice against our brothers and sisters. We must be steadfast in our commitment to hold those accountable for racist behavior while maintaining our sense of dignity and responsibility toward our family, our neighbors, our community and our city.


Together, only we can truly rebuild our community, but we must do it with one goal in mind, to be our brother’s keeper. That means we must protect, support and love one another using whatever God-given talent we have, and we must do it sacrificially and with endurance. This race for equality and freedom is not a sprint but a lifetime of living as God-fearing people with each other in mind, to be accountable to one another and work together for the betterment of our community.


My parents have seen so much in their lifetime and I pray they will see us pull together to end merciless abuse at the hands of bigoted police, and also to see us as a community rise to this occasion with respect, pride and honor.


God bless,

Andrea L. Brookins

President, Brookins Funeral Home

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